What Does Hitchcrusher PPE Do? And a Few Your Other Questions Answered.

Hitchcrusher PPE is a manufacturer and seller of PPEs based in El Paso, Texas, so everything we make is made here in America. We used to be involved in the FR coverall business, but we knew we couldn't stand idly by as COVID-19 raged on. These unprecedented times came with a moral responsibility on our end (as a company) to support medical professionals, front-line responders and other groups that are being directly affected by this pandemic. To give you a more in-depth understanding of what we're all about, we'll answer some important questions.

What sort of PPEs does Hitchcrusher PPE sell?

We sell a few different PPEs, specifically medical garments. We offer a full-body coverall that sports a hood, shoe covers and a zipper with a zipper cover. Our second product and our most recent addition to our product line is our general purpose gown. The general purpose gown covers up to one's knees. It features tie-down strings, which are intended to secure the gown in place for a secure fit, on the back-side of the waist and on the neck.

What material are our garments made from?

Both our products are made from the same material: Kapler ProVent® Plus Fabric. The fabric passes both ASTM F1671 blood and viral penetration tests.

Is there anything else worth mentioning about Hitchcrusher PPE?

So much more. But, in the spirit of keeping things brief, another feature of our company that deserves mentioning is how we deliver our products. In order to achieve efficiency and give our customers the biggest bang for their buck, we deliver both of our garments in cases of 25 per size order.

Thanks for checking out this post, stay tuned for more updates and informative posts about Hitchcrusher PPE!

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